Product Model Concepts (LEGO dub)

Product Vision

last modified: April 26, 2024

Once the product has achieved initial PMF and the product team has a solid understanding of their target market and its opportunities, the product team can use these learnings to develop a vision for the product. The product vision:

  1. is a compelling, customer-centric description of the future you're trying to create for your users,
  2. unites all product teams with the shared goal of making the vision a reality,
  3. is a great recruiting tool, and,
  4. is the main thrust of the value proposition of a future version of your product.

Product-market Fit Is Implicit In Vision

Implicit in this future value proposition is future product-market fit. To set this vision as something worth striving for, product leaders must believe that this value proposition will solve important or difficult opportunities for a significant number of customers thereby allowing the company to capture significant value in exchange.